Types of Cylindrical filter under custom

Types of Cylindrical filter under custom

As manufacturers and suppliers of Cylindrical filter, because our main products material is metal, so most of their uses are used as accessories for filter systems.

CYLINDRICAL FILTER main use Stainless steel 304 316 as the material. Therefore, whether it is filtering gas, liquid or solid materials, our products have good corrosion resistance.

Depending on the use environment, so we will produce Cylindrical filters of different sizes according to the drawing of the customer. Both single-layer and multi-layer Cylindrical filters can be designed and produced according to actual needs. At the same time, we provide different edge banding to meet various needs.

Cylindrical filter products under custom

As a custom made product, whether the cylinder filter is the woven mesh or the end ring of the filter layer, inner support, inner support can be customized according to the customer’s requirements. And it would be best if you have drawing to show the details.

Cylindrical Filter End Ring

Cylindrical Filter Inner Support

Cylindrical filter end closure types

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More about Cylindrical filter

What is Cylindrical filter:

Cylindrical filter is a kind of filter scren, and they are using woven mesh or perforated mesh as raw materials. Moreover, as a very important accessory of the filter system, our filter screen products can customize made according to the customer’s requirements.

Cylinder Filters specification details:

Firstly, Main materials: 304 316stainless steel, aluminum, carbon steel, copper, brass, Hastelloy, titanium, etc, and all of the above materials can custom made according to the intensity of use and filtration environment.

Secondly, Layers: single layer or multi-layers. Double-layer or multi-layer filters can meet the requirements of filtration strength and filtration accuracy at the same time. Especially in the case of relatively small filtering accuracy, wire mesh filter layers often fail to meet the required strength, which requires a support layer to increase the strength.

Further, Edge processing: wrapping edge or metal flange. Usually the material of the edge is the same as the material of the filter surface, but it can be adjusted according to actual requirements.

Moreover, Filter accuracy range: 2-2000 µm.

Mesh Range: 2*2 mesh- 500*2500 mesh.

Cylinder Filters features:

Because the product is making from metal, our products can clean and use again without damage. Metal cylinder filters are also easy to clean.

Thanks to the characteristics of metal, so our Cylinder Filters have excellent resistance to abrasion and high temperature resistance. But when under specific use temperature is based on the specific raw material temperature used as a benchmark.

In other words, our products are controlled from the woven mesh material. So the filtering accuracy is accurate, which can meet the needs of customers for customized products.

Cylindrical filter Application:

Because they are mainly useing for Separation and Flitration. So the cylinder filter extensively used in sewage treatment, petroleum, light industry, metallurgy, machinery,chemical industry, enviroment protection, mine, airspace, paper-making, electronic, like:

  • Oil field pipeline filter.
  • Fuel refueling equipment filter.
  • Water treatment equipment filter.
  • Pharmaceutical and food processing fied.

Cylindrical filter’s material-woven mesh

Woven wire mesh

Woven wire mesh

Woven wire mesh or woven wire cloth is woven by machine. It is similar to the process of weaving clothing, but it is made of metal wire. In the same vein, the mesh wovening in different weave styles. Its purpose is to produce solid and reliable products to adapt to various complex application environments. High precision technology makes the production cost of woven wire mesh higher, but it also has a very wide range of uses.

Moreover the Cylindrical filter’s woven mesh main materials are ss304, 304L, ss 316, 316L. So they can be used in most application environments but they are not expensive.

Because some special materials are used to meet the high requirements of the use environment. So people also using following materials like: Inconel wire mesh, Monel Wire Mesh, Titanium Wire Mesh, Pure Nickel Mesh, and Pure Silver Mesh, etc.

Woven types of Cylindrical filter’s material

woven types of woven mesh

woven types of woven mesh which used as Cylindrical filter’s material

The weave styles mainly depend on the mesh and wire diameter specifications of the woven mesh.

Mesh, Mesh Count, and Micron Size of woven mesh

mesh count
mesh count

The size of Micron and Mesh Count are some of the important terms in the wire mesh industry.

The Mesh count is calculated by the number of the holes in an inch of mesh, so the smaller is the woven holes the bigger is the number of holes.

The Micron Size refers to the size of the holes measured in microns. In other words, the term micron is actually a commonly used shorthand for micrometer.

In order to make it easier for people to understand the number of the holes of the wire mesh, these two specifications are usually using together. That is to say, this is the key component of specifying the wire mesh. So the Mesh Count determines the filtering performance and function of the wire mesh.

More intuitive expression: Mesh Count = number of mesh hole. (larger the mesh count, the smaller the mesh hole) Micron Size = size of mesh hole. (larger the micron size, so larger the mesh hole)

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