Extruder Screens and screen pack mostly used in Plastic Melt Filtration and Polymer Melt Filtration. It is essential in preventing contamination in the melted mass during the extrusion process. It is effect to keeps away mixing of foreign particles in finally equipped extrusion product and provide a clean and clear extrusion to use. Extruder Screens mostly used in Plastic Melt Filtration and Polymer Melt Filtration.

Applied to a variety of equipment, in order to meet different needs, extruder screens and screen packs with a range of sizes, shapes, meshes, and materials be needed which can be custom made.

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Extruder screen main types under custom

Black Plastic Extruder Screen Disc

Black Plastic Extruder Screen Disc made from black wire cloth which also called iron cloth, iron wire cloth, black wire mesh. It is made of low carbon iron wire.

Weaving types can custom like the following: Plain weave black wire cloth, Twill weave black wire cloth, Herringbone weave black wire cloth, Dutch weave.

They are widely used in plastic industry, rubber industry, industrial filtration, oil and chemical filtration, screening of powder particles, filtration of liquid and gas. Can also be used for all kinds of mold.

black extruder screen disc

black extruder screen disc

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Automatic continuous Extruder screen belt filter for plastic extruder

Automatic continuous extruder screen belt

Automatic continuous extruder screen belt

DEZE produces a wide range of wire mesh belts for continues screen changers. So our automatic continuous screen belts can meet the perform requirements for all makes and models of continues changers.

Automatic continuous screen belt filter for plastic extruder is also called Auto Mesh Belt Filter, Twilled Weave Reversible Screen Belt, FilterBand, Filter Ribbon, Ribbon Belt, ribbon filter belt, automatic belt filter, Wire Cloth Filter Belts for Continuous screen changers.

This automatic continuous screen belt filter (plastic extruder screen filter ribbons ) used for polymer melt filtration in every segment of plastic processing include blown film, blow molding, sheet and film extrusion, filaments and fibers, pipe and profile, pelletizing, BIAX(Bopp & Bops).

Mesh count: 72/15; 120/15; 132/17; 150/17; 152/24; 170/17; 180/18; 200/40; 260/40. etc

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Single layer Extruder Screen Filters/Spot Welded Packs/Rim Packs Extruder Plastic Extruder Screens & Polymer Filters

Custom-made from DEZE:

  1. Various micron ratings.
  2. Accurate filtration precision.
  3. Available in multiple layers for good mechanical strength and fine filtration.
  4. No media migration.
  5. Shapes and sizes to meet customer requirements.
  6. Low cost.
  7. Maximum protection your equipment.
  8. Minimum pressure drop.
  9. Can be rinsed repeatedly.
Types of filter disc

Types of filter disc

DEZE can make custom mesh screen products according to customer’s equipment requirements.

What can can supply:
Micron size:0.2μm – 300 microns;
Material: SS304, 304L, SS316, 316L, Monel, FeCrAl and others can be custom;
Disc diameter size: 2.6 mm to 5000 mm;
Mesh count: plain weave from 1-635 mesh, dutch weave can be weaven up to 500×3500 mesh;
Shapes: rectangle, aquare, round, oval, circular, cap, waist and abnormity;
Material of the edge: stainless steel ,iron, copper, or aluminium…
Technique:spot welded, etching, edge covered,or customized

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Cylindrical Extruder screen types

stainless steel cylindrical melt filter

stainless steel cylindrical melt filter

Cylindrical screen is available in single or multilayer cylindrical in spot welded edge, aluminum alloy border edge, with flange or thread. So all the design of the filter layer and the interfaces at both ends depends entirely on the requirements of the equipment.

It is durable and strong that makes the screen more effective for polymer extrusion as polyester, polyamide, polymer, plastic blown, Varnishes, paints.

Material: SS304, SS404L, SS316, SS316L, Monel 400, Hastelloy alloy;

Filter layer types: Stainless steel wire mesh, stainless steel sintered felt, sintered wire mesh, phosphor bronze wire, brass wire, Iron wire cloth etc;

Cylindrical types: variety of different shapes, different layers, as well as different sides made of nickel-plated copper, aluminum, stainless steel and other material;

Connector types: No treatment, hemming, thread, flange;

Filtration precision range: from 3 micron up to 10mm.

Element Specifications

Maximum Differential Pressure: Standard Core 60 PSID (4bar)@ 500°F(260°C)
High Strength Core: 300 PSID (4bar)@ 500°F(260°C)

Outside Diameter: 2.5” OD I
Inside Diameter: 1” ID
Lengths: 10”,20”,30”, 40”

Materials Available: Media Stainless steel 304 Stainless steel 316
End Caps Synthetic seals Temperature Limit Synthetic seals

Main Characteristics

  1. Good filtration performance to the 2–200um.
  2. High temperature resistance, and suddenly-changing temperature resistance.
  3. Resistant to corrosion, suitable for many kinds of acid alkali and other corrosive medium.
  4. High strength and good toughness, suitable for high pressure environment.
  5. Weldable, facilitate handling.
  6. Large flow per unit area.
  7. Can be used repeatedly after cleaning

More details

Deze are custom extruder screens and screen pack manufacturer and supplier.

Main of our producs are using in following industry:

Plastic and Rubber industry
Chemical industry
Aeronautic industries
Water treatment plant
Food processing industries
Petroleum chemical industries.

Stainless steel material for make extruder screen

Stainless steel material for make extruder screen

Stainless steel is one of the most common raw materials used to produce mesh screen products. So we take stainless steel weaving as an example.

Common weave: Plain weave can be woven up to 400 mesh; Twill weave can be woven from 30-635mesh.
Common Width: 0.914m,1.0m,1.22m,1.5m,Special requirement can be customized.
Common Length: 30m, 30.5m. Others can be custom-made.

Due to high content of Ni and Cr, it is with good oxidation resistance, corrosion resistance, acid and alkali resistance, high temperature resistance. In short, the maximum service temperature is 1200.

Other main weave types:

Stainless steel wire cloth woven types

Stainless steel wire cloth woven types

Characteristics of stainless Steel Wire Mesh:

  1. Acid-resisting,alkali-resisting and anti-corrosion;
  2. High strength,good tension toughness and abrasion;
  3. performance,durable in use;
  4. resistance to high temperature oxidation;
  5. Highly polished, no need to do any surface treatment,with convenient and simple maintenance.

Main thread types of the Cylindrical filter type

RFQ for custom:

  1. How long is your production time? –Under normal circumstances, our production time is 7-21 days, but we need to make a production plan based on the quantity.
  2. How long is the transport time? — We use air, sea and express transportation, so the specific time depends on the transportation method. Generally, air or express delivery is 3-7days.  But the sea transport time is longer, depending on the different seaport, it may take 20 to 45 days.
  3. Do you provide samples ?— Yes, we can supply samples for you check the quality frist.
  4. Is the samples free or extra ?— Usually for regular specifications, and you only need to pay the transport freight, and we pay the cost of the samples. But if you need special specifications which need special mold, we will charge a certain mold fee. Once the mold fee is charged, we will ensure that your sample is qualified, and the corresponding mold fee will be deducted when formal order.
  5. What is your terms of payment ?–TT, paypal, Western Union. That is to say, we used the above three payment terms the most.

What’s more questions about your costom screen products welcome send email to us.