Filter discs are one of our best-selling filtration products. It is because of its functionality and versatility that filter discs are being used in various industrial projects.

Despite their fame, industries need to be careful when purchasing filter discs. It is better to have an insight into the product before buying it. Here is the detailed analysis of filter disc and all the queries that might arise in your mind. 

What are filter discs?

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Filter Discs

Filter discs are disc shaped-filters made up of stainless steel. Deze also uses other mesh types for the production of filter disc, such as galvanized or brass mesh. These filter disc are available in different configurations, with a single purpose that is filtration. 

Filter discs exhibit numerous exceptional features, which makes them an ideal choice for many industries. Deze pays special attention to its manufacturing process; so we can provide our customers with quality products.

How are filter discs manufactured?

Filter discs contain premium metal mesh, usually stainless steel mesh. So, the first step in the production of filter discs is the fabrication of metal mesh. Deze has vast experience in mesh production. We use high-tech methods to produce seamless mesh.

Once the mesh is ready, we mold it into different configurations of filter discs. We manufacture various shapes and sizes to suit the diverse requirements of our customers. 

What are the components of filter discs?

There are two components of filter disc.

· Filter media

Deze uses filter median of different mesh types, such as stainless steel woven mesh, galvanized woven mesh, or brass wire mesh. Other mesh types are also serviceable. We use high-quality mesh because the quality of the filter media decides the quality of the filter disc

· Edges 

The edges of the filter disc decide its strength. Two types of disc edges are manufactured at Deze. We make naked-edged filter disc that are plain on the edges. Besides, we also manufactured covered-edged filter disc. These filter discs are covered with simple metal along the edges.

Both edge types have their own advantages. You can opt for any of them based on your project requirements. 

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What are the advantages of filter discs?

Filter discs come with the following advantages.

  • Filter disc are available in numerous configurations. You can alter their shape and size according to your project requirements.
  • The surface of filter disc is smooth, which makes them easy to use.
  • Filter disc are one of our durable products. They feature a long service life.
  • Filter discs have exceptional strength. Their sturdy nature is the reason they are serviceable in industrial operations.
  • Filter disc have a high dirt-holding capacity. They obstruct the path of contaminants, such as dust particles. Also, they exhibit a high level of efficiency.
  • Filter discs are resistant to high temperatures. They are made up of stainless steel, and stainless steel is stable towards high temperatures. So, it can efficiently work in harsh industrial environments.
  • The flow rate of these discs is worth mentioning. They obstruct the path of dust, but they allow the free flow of fluid. The high flow rate of these filter disc increases the productivity of the project.
  • Filter discs are easy to install, clean, and maintain. You can effortlessly install them. Also, you can clean them on your own without any expert assistance. After cleaning them, you can reuse them. All these factors collectively make it a sustainable product. 

What are the specifications of filter discs?

At Deze, filter discs are available with the following specifications.

· Material

We use high-quality raw materials for the production of filter disc. Though commonly we use stainless steel, we also employ other materials for its production. We can provide filter disc made up of brass mesh, low carbon steel mesh, galvanized mesh, and stainless steel mesh.

· Diameter

The diameter of our product varies. We fabricate filter disc with the diameter ranging from 50mm to 800mm. You can opt for any size based on your preferences or requirements.

· Structure

The structure of our filter discs also varies. We offer single-layer and multiple-layer filter discs; we also proffer multi-layered welded and multi-layered sintered filter discs. Besides, we have naked-edged filter disc as well as covered-edged filter disc

· Configuration

Along with the size and structure, there are different configurations of filter discs available at Deze. You can get round, rectangular, square, oval, pleated, or kidney-shaped filter discs. Other than that, you can also go for a customized configuration.

· Weaving Pattern

We use numerous types of weaving methods for filter media. You can get plain or twill weave filter disc. We also manufacture plain Dutch and reverse Dutch weave patterns. 

· Filtration Rating

The filtration rating of our filter disc also varies. It is because every project requires a specific filtration rating. So, you can choose any filtration rating among our diverse range of products. At Deze, the ratings of our discs range from 12 microns to 1000 microns. 

· Temperature

Our filter discs are sturdy enough to bear harsh industrial temperatures. They can work well at temperatures ranging from -40 degrees Celsius to 600 degrees Celsius.

Are filter discs customizable? 

Yes, filter discs are customizable. Deze offers OEM services for its customers. Under this service, you can customize the following aspects,

  • Size (including length, width, and diameter)
  • Configuration 
  • Material of filter media
  • Edge types
  • Weaving pattern
  • Filtration rating
  • Structure (including the number of layers and layer types) 

Bottom Line

Up till now, you would be well aware of the necessary aspects of filter discs. And we hope you will make the right choice. 

Deze has been manufacturing filtration products for years. If you need any further assistance regarding our products or any product in general, you can contact our experts through customer service

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