All DEZE mesh filter tube products can be customized according to usage requirements.

Dimensions, materials, interface methods, etc. are all customizable.

Our main products are:

 is the most popular material.

Types of the tube mesh under custom

Types of the tube mesh under custom

Woven Mesh Filter Tube

Woven mesh filter tube

Woven mesh filter tube

This type of tube made of woven mesh, the most popular material SS304, 316, 316L, Copper, Titanium, Hastelloy, Alloy, and other material based on custom requirement.

Those meshes are rolled into tube shape in different size by winding machine. Tube filter can filter a large variety of fluids and retain almost any size solids.

Specifications of the woven wire filter cloth

Wire diameter: 0.020mm – 2.03mm.
Mesh count: 1 mesh – 635 mesh.
Weaving method: plain weave, twill weave, plain dutch weave, twill dutch weave.

Advantage of woven mesh tube:

  • Corrosion resistance
  • Excellent permeability
  • Resistance high temperature
  • Outstanding dirt-holding capacity
  • Accurate filtration precision
  • Easy processing and installing
  • Firm structure and different holes patterns
  • Easy forming, painting, polishing, welding and cleaning

Woven mesh tube use:

Filter tube is widely used in petroleum, chemistry, metallurgy, machine, medicine, automobile industries for distillation, absorption, evaporation and filtration processes, so as to eliminate the impurity and foam mixed in the gas and liquid.

Air Filtration: vacuum filters, air filters, filtration of corrosive gases, cage ventilation, etc.
Liquid Filtration: ceramics polluted water cleaning, beverage, filtration of corrosive liquids, disposal of sewage water,beer brewing filter, etc.
Solid Filtration: glass, coal, food processing industry, cosmetics, fluidized beds, etc.
Oil Filtration: oil refining, hydraulic oil, oilfield pipelines, etc.

Other fields Filtration: textile industry, insulation industry, automotive industry, chemical industry, metallurgy, pharmacy, electronic field, etc.

Perforated Metal Mesh Filter Tube

Perforated metal mesh filter tube

Perforated metal mesh filter tube

For make Perforated filter tube products, the first procedure is to stamp the sheet, and the size and arrangement of the holes can be made as required. The prepared sheet is formed by a tube reel and then welded to form.

Stainless Steel Perforated Steel Tube feature:

  • Larger support,
  • higher roundness,
  • higher straightness,
  • and higher strength than straight seam welded tube,
  • Easy to clean up and reuse,
  • Acid resistance,
  • High temperature resistance,
  • Wear resistance,
  • Customized size availible,
  • Small raw materials manufacture large welded tube.

Stainless Steel Perforated Steel Tube application:

  • Petroleum,
  • Petroleum extraction,
  • chemical industry,
  • Sewage treatment,
  • power plant filtration,
  • purification water treatment equipment.

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Sintered Mesh Filter Tube

Sintered mesh filter tube

Sintered mesh filter tube

The standard multi-layer metal sintered mesh network consists of a protective layer, a precision control layer, a dispersion layer and a multi-layer reinforcement layer.

Stainless steel sintered metal mesh filter are several multilayer woven or perforated stainless steel wire mesh overlapped together, and then sintered in the vacuum sintering furnace.

After the sintering the multilayer as a whole structure, and then the mesh will be shaped and welding.

Sintered Stainless Steel Filter Tube Features:

High strength: After the multi-layer screen is sintered, it has extremely high mechanical strength and compressive strength;

High precision: uniform surface filtration performance can be achieved for the filtration particle size of 1-300um;

Heat resistance: resistant to continuous filtration from minus 200 degrees to 650 degrees;

Cleanability: Due to the excellent surface cleaning structure with excellent countercurrent cleaning effect, the cleaning is simple.


  1. High temperature and strength chemical filter element.
  2. Ship ballast water system filter element.
  3. Pharmaceutical machine plate filter.
  4. Water treatment cartridge filter.
  5. Gas distribution fluidized bed.

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Stainless Steel Mesh Filter Tube

Stainless steel material tube

Stainless steel material tube

The stainless steel material filter tube single multilayer spot welding filter cartridge, filter element and filter mesh, has good filtration for 1–500um particles and liquid. The different porosity (28%–50%), large flow per unit area and can be used repeatedly after cleaning.

Main Characteristics

  1. Good filtration performance to the 2–200um.
  2. High temperature resistance, and suddenly-changing temperature resistance.
  3. Resistant to corrosion, suitable for many kinds of acid alkali and other corrosive medium especially suitable for sour gas filtration.
  4. High strength and good toughness, suitable for high pressure environment.
  5. Weldable, facilitate handling.
  6. Large flow per unit area
  7. Can be used repeatedly after cleaning

Main scope of application

Petrochemical, petroleum pipeline
Oil charging equipment
Construction machinery
Water treatment
Pharmaceutical and food processing

Use examples

  • Kettle tube screen
  • Dip Tube filter screen
  • Paint Sprayer Gun Filter
  • Nordson hot melt filter replacement
  • Dissolution Baskets
  • GRACO manifold filter Spray gun filter
  • Petcock filter screen
  • Garden Micro Irrigation screen
  • Cold brew coffee filter screen
  • Spin Down Sediment Filter Replacement Screen
  • Aquarium Shrimp Mesh Filter Guard

Other more can be custom-made according to your requirement. DEZE welcome hear from you at any time.