Mist eliminators are an important industrial product, and manufacturers require them in bulk. So, if you are an industrialist looking for quality mist eliminators, go through this FAQ guide. It will help you gain all the necessary information about mist eliminators.

What is a mist eliminator?

Mist Eliminator

Mist Eliminator

Mist eliminator, also known as demister, is a gas-liquid separation device. The prime purpose of mist eliminators is to separate gas from liquid or vice versa during industrial operations. 

As we know, whenever a process involves contact between gas and liquid, tiny mist droplets are produced that are carried away with gas. These mist droplets are a big issue during industrial operations. It is why you need to remove them. 

You can use mist eliminators for this purpose. They help you clear mist from gas streams. Besides, they can also help you obstruct the path of other contaminant types in processes involving the contact of gas and liquids.

What is the working principle of mist eliminators?

Mist eliminators work on a particular principle. It coalesces the liquid droplets by preventing their flow, consequently isolating them from the gas.

Gas and mist droplets collectively pass through mist eliminators. You have to generate a particular speed to, successfully, separate these matters. The gas passes through the screen of the mist eliminator, but the path of mist droplets is obstructed. So, they stick to the filter screen. 

After a considerable amount of mist droplets has been accumulated at the filter screen, its weight increases, and it falls as one drop. These heavy droplets of liquids dribble and gather below to form a pool of liquid.

Gas can effortlessly pass through the filter screen. After passing through a vapor outlet, it is stored in a separate chamber. 

What are the components of mist eliminator?

Mist eliminator has two main components.

  • Filter mesh (it is made up of metal mesh)
  • Support bar (it is also metallic. However, its configuration may vary)

You can customize the filter media and support bar according to the project requirements or preferences of customers. Also, there are a number of design layouts and filter media options already being manufactured at Deze for buyers.

Mist Eliminator

Different Configurations and Sizes of Mist Eliminator

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What are the advantages of mist eliminator?

Mist eliminator is a functional and versatile industrial product, and it comes with a lot of advantages.

· Recovery of valuable liquid

The basic working principle of the mist eliminator is the merging of mist droplets to form a liquid. In this way, the mist is cleared from the gas stream area with the advantage of liquid products. You can employ these liquids for other industrial projects. It makes mist eliminators cost-effective, as it helps reduce the operational costs of the industry. 

· Resistant nature

Mist eliminators are resistant to many types of damage-causing agents. It is resistant to damage caused by atmospheric oxygen, dissolved oxygen, organic acids, including dilute sulfuric acid and HCl. Besides, it is also resistant to damage caused by chlorine gas or chloride solutions. All these properties make it a suitable choice for gas-liquid separation. 

· Maintenance-friendly

Mist eliminator is very light in weight. Though it has to serve heavy industrial applications, its weight is comparatively lighter. At Deze, we manufacture mist eliminators with Titanium or stainless steel. Both these metals have high mechanical strength and lighter weight. 

· Customizable

Mist eliminator is customizable, and you can get it manufactured according to your preferences. You can alter its shape, its supporting grid type, and its configuration. 

At Deze, we use malleable and flexible metals for its production. It is why you can mold it in distinct shapes. The customization of mist eliminators is the reason it is suitable for so many applications. 

· Durable

Mist eliminator has a long service life. It is because we use high-tech methods for its production. We are well aware of the harsh industrial environment, which these mist eliminators are going to face. It is why we ensure they are suitable for such projects.

· Highly Efficient

Mist eliminators are a highly efficient product. It serves its purpose well. It works on a specific principle and separates gas from liquid. The gas passed through mist eliminators is free of any liquid droplets. It is because of the flawless functioning of the mist eliminator.

· Effortless Installation and Operation

The installation process of the mist eliminator is effortless. It is light in weight and easy to handle, which makes it portable. Mist eliminators are easy to install, transport, and maintain. They don’t require any special maintenance or service. Also, their replacement durations are considerably long.

Where can you use mist eliminators?

Mist eliminator finds a lot of applications in the industrial sector. It is serviceable,

  • In gas-liquid separation, for reducing the loss of valuable chemicals, as it is employable in absorption and regeneration towers. 
  • In petrochemical industry
  • In metallurgy
  • In the machinery production industry
  • In construction industry
  • In the sulfuric acid industry
  • For increasing the purity of the products
  • In separator vessels and knock out drums
  • For minimizing contamination
  • In the chemical industry and pharmaceutical industry
  • In light industry
  • In the environmental protection industry
  • In water-treatment industry
  • In the aviation industry and marine industry
  • In evaporator and refining vacuum towers
  • In steam drums
  • In absorbers and scrubbers

What sizes of mist eliminators are there?

The size of the mist eliminator varies. As the applications of mist eliminators are diverse, we manufacture this product in different sizes. You can get the size of your choice. If you can’t find your desired size, you can also customize it. 

Are mist eliminators customizable?

Yes, mist eliminators are customizable. You can personalize its size, support bar, and filter media type according to your project requirements. Deze proffers special OEM services for clients that want to customize their products. 

Bottom Line

Deze has been manufacturing industrial products for years, and the only thing we are concerned about is our customer satisfaction. And it is the sole purpose of this guide.

This FAQ guide contains all the necessary information that you need to know about mist eliminators. Up till now, you would be knowledgeable enough to select the right type of mist eliminator for your industry. 

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