DEZE is a manufacturer and supplier of perforated strainer basket. When the liquid comes into the filter basket through the main pipe, the particle impurities will be trapped in the basket. The clean fluid will through the filter basket and be discharged from the outlet.We customize the perforated strainer basket according to the customer’s equipment requirements and use environment.

Perforated strainer basket specification table

Screen MaterialSS304/316/316L, Aluminum, Brass, Hastelloy, Nickel, Monel, Non-ferrous metal
Filtration precision50um-8000um
Form of basketPunching mesh/Single-layer mesh/Composite mesh
Hole patternsRound/Square/Hexagonal/Diamond/Rectangular or Customized
Filter size5-40 inches (which can be produced separately according to users' requirements)
The hole type of Perforated strainer basket

Perforated strainer basket

perforated sheet types using in strainer basket