If you are buying an industrial product, you should be well aware of its features. It will allow you to make the right choice. So, to prevent its customers from regretting, Deze provides the ultimate guide to its products.

Here is the ultimate guide for the photocatalytic filter. It addresses all the queries that might arise in your mind.

What are photocatalytic filters?

Photocatalytic filter

Photocatalytic filter

Photocatalytic filters are the most effective, innovative, and cost-efficient solutions used for air purification systems in different industrial areas.

Our photocatalytic filters are aluminum-based. They are made up of photocatalytic material deposited on the aluminum metal hexagonal mesh of aluminum metal. Photocatalytic filter have a long service life and are not easy to aging. After UV irradiation, it has the function of oxidative decomposition of pollutants and odor and can destroy the cell membrane of bacteria. Thus it is serviceable in sterilization operations.

Deze makes sure that the photocatalytic filters are of premium quality and gains the customer’s satisfaction.

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How are photocatalytic filters manufactured?

Deze manufacture photocatalytic filter with premium quality. We adopt honeycomb photocatalytic aluminum as the carrier, and then uniformly coat Nano titanium dioxide on the honeycomb aluminum surface by a high-tech coating process.

At Deze, we manufacture photocatalytic filter in a professional way with photocatalytic optical semiconductor materials represented by nanometer titanium dioxide, which is an ideal material to control indoor environmental pollution at present.

We manufacture the filters as per your requirements. If you are confused about which photocatalytic filter would be suitable for your project, you can tell us about the project, and our experts will guide you with the best choices.

What are the components of the photocatalytic filter?

The major components of photocatalytic filters are.

  • Honeycomb substrate
  • Titanium dioxide
  • Aluminum alloy frame

At Deze, we make the frame with an aluminum alloy. So, it can avoid any sort of resistance and gives excellent photocatalytic activity. We make sure that the products we manufacture are of high premium quality.

What are the advantages of a photocatalytic filter?

Deze produces photocatalytic filter of superior grade to gain peak performances.

  • Photocatalytic filters release negative oxygen ions.
  • They degrade pollutants to purify the air.
  • They possess excellent photocatalytic activity.
  • They are bactericidal and mold-proof.
  • They have excellent deodorization functions.
  • Photocatalytic filters are resistant to UV radiation 
  • These filters are washable.
  • These filters are eco-friendly without secondary pollution.

What are the specifications of the photocatalytic filter?

Deze provides its customers with the best quality of products and with exceptional services. We make sure that the products made at Deze fulfill our customer’s requirements. 

Our main goal is to achieve our customer’s satisfaction. We ensure that the items made at Deze are made up of premium and raw quality, and we focus on each and every minor detail for its better performance.

Photocatalytic filters are made under high-tech methods and with premium raw materials. The specifications of photocatalytic filters made at Deze are as follows,

Filter material: A Photocatalytic filter is made up of an aluminum honeycomb substrate, titanium dioxide, and an aluminum alloy frame.

Filter Thickness: 10, 12, 15, 20 mm.

Wire Diameter: 0.05 mm.

Weave Style: plain weave, honeycomb weave

Packaging: Deze makes sure that the filters are wrapped professionally. So, there is no chance of any damage. We use the following secure packaging,

  1. Plastic bag with box enclosed in a carton.
  2. Simple plastic bag enclosed in a carton.
  3. Customized packaging

Where can you use a photocatalytic filter?

Photocatalytic filters are mainly used for air purification. Some of its uses are as follows,

  • Finished products of these filters are widely used household air purifiers manufacture and large space air purification equipment.
  • Industrial VOCs purification and odor elimination
  • Central air-conditioning systems for air purification and sterilization
  • Increase the concentration of negative oxygen ions.
  • Smoke exhaust ventilator

What sizes of photocatalytic filters are there?

Photocatalytic filters are customizable. The size of photocatalytic filters varies according to your project requirements. At Deze, we fabricate a plethora of size options for candle filters. You can opt for the one suitable for your project.

Whether you regard the size as length, width, or diameter, we can adjust it for you.

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Send Your Requirements

What factors should you consider while buying a photocatalytic filter?

Deze is a reliable producer that offers its customers a variety of excellent photocatalytic filters. But you need to assess the product yourself. 

In addition, think about the accompanying components while purchasing your photocatalytic filter

  • Size (what is the size of the filter) 
  • Arrangement (type, shape, material, wrapping up) 
  • Nature of mesh materials 
  • Spending plan (which enclosure fits best for you under your financial plan) 
  • Project requirements

Are photocatalytic filters customizable? 

Because of the OEM services given by Deze, we can customize the photocatalytic filter as indicated by the necessities and preferences of our customers.

You can personalize the photocatalytic filter according to your necessities and requirements. If you have a particular pattern, you can seek help from our experts. All you need to do is share your design with our experts.

Bottom Line

Photocatalytic filters are being widely used in numerous industries because of their exceptional features. If you are buying a photocatalytic filter for your industry, you need proper guidance to purchase this industrial product.

This guide would have enlightened you about many aspects of photocatalytic filters. Now you can inspect and compare the products of different manufacturers. Before buying photocatalytic filters, make sure they are worth your money.

contact Deze, your one-stop shop for all kinds of photocatalytic filter!

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