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Filter Wire Cloth

Discs of Filter Wire Cloth

As the name suggests, filter wire cloth is a cloth made by weaving stainless steel wires. And it is primarily used for filtration purposes. It varies in aperture sizes and weaving patterns, hence offering a diverse range of products. 

Filter wire cloth finds extensive uses in filtration industries, such as water treatment, oil, and gas industry. You can employ Filter wire cloth in disparate operations based on its versatility.

At Deze, we make high-quality filter wire cloth for industries. Our dedicated team is eager to provide you OEM services if you want to customize them. All types of filter wire cloth are available at Deze.

Manufacturing Process of Filter wire cloth

The manufacturing process of filter wire cloth involves the weaving of wires. So all you have to do is to gather premium raw materials and weave them in a particular way to fabricate your client’s desired configuration.

The production of filter wire cloth requires efficient skills. You should be skeptical about the choice of raw materials and careful about the intricacy of the process. 

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What Do We Have To Offer?

At Deze, we have been manufacturing filtration products for so long. We know very well the requirements of the filtration process. It is why we are producing high-quality filter wire cloth to cater to the industrial needs of manufacturers.Please Contact Us.

Filter wire cloth is available with the following specifications,

Filter wire cloth

Filter wire cloth


At Deze, we produce filter wire cloth with stainless steel. The exceptional qualities of stainless steel make it an ideal choice for the manufacture of filter wire cloth


Different sizes of filter wire cloth are available at Deze. We manufacture a lot of products with varied thicknesses and weight. You can choose any size option according to your preference.

Weave Pattern

We fabricate filter wire cloth in different weave patterns. It helps us provide our customers with an extensive range of products. You can choose among plain weave, twilled, plain Dutch, and twilled Dutch weave. 

Types of Filter wire cloth

Based on the pattern of weaving, there are four types of filter wire cloth.


Weaving Patterns of Filter Wire Cloth

Plain Weave

In this type, wrap and weft wires cross one another. Each one passes over and under the other wire. Both these wires establish a 90 degrees angle between them.

Twilled Weave

In this type of weave, the weft and wrap wires cross, two wires simultaneously pass over and under the other wire. Though the wire position is less stable compared to plain weave, the overall structure is rigid.

Plain Dutch Weave

It is similar to the pattern of the plain weave. However, the diameter of the wrap wire is larger than the weft wire. It features greater strength than other patterns.

Twilled Dutch Weave

This pattern is similar to a twilled weave, with two wrap wires passing over and under the two weft wires. However, the diameter of the weft wire is larger than the wrap wire. 

What Makes Filter wire cloth so Special?

Filter wire cloth made up of stainless steel is preferred by many industrialists because of its characteristics. It comes with the following advantages,

  • Filter wire clothis corrosion resistant. Stainless steel, when alloyed with other metals like chromium, develops corrosion-resistant properties. 
  • Higher grades of stainless steel are fire and heat resistant, which makes filter wire clothan ideal product for industrial use. 
  • Filter wire clothis a maintenance-friendly product. Besides the initial cost, you do not have to spend resources for its perpetuation.
  • Filter wire clothmade up of stainless steel is a sturdy product. It can effortlessly bear the harsh industrial environment. 
  • It has a long service life. It is a plus point for industries as they do not have to replace it again and again. Besides, filter wire clothis reusable. Thus, it is a sustainable product.
  • Filter wire clothis available in an extensive range. You can choose according to your choice from a plethora of options. Furthermore, the malleability of stainless steel also allows you to customize it.

Applications of Filter wire cloth

Filter wire cloth is serviceable in the following fields, 

  • Aerospace and automotive industry
  • Architectural industry
  • Chemical industry
  • Food industry
  • Water-treatment projects
  • Sanitation operations
  • Ore and mineral processing
Filter wire cloth

Filter wire cloth

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is a filter wire cloth?

Filter wire cloth is a weaved wire mesh primarily employed in the filtration industry. Stainless steel is an ideal choice for filter wire cloth. However, you can also manufacture with other metals.

What is the size of the filter wire cloth?

The size of the filter wire cloth depends on its diameter and length. There are several options; you can choose any of them.

What are the advantages of filter wire cloth?

Filter wire cloth is a malleable, sturdy, and versatile product. Besides, it is corrosion-resistant and features a long service life.

Is filter wire cloth customizable?

Yes, we can customize filter wire cloths according to the requirements and preferences of our clients. OEM services are available at Deze.

What are the different types of filter wire cloth?

Based on the weaving pattern, filter wire cloth has four types – plain weave filter wire cloth, twilled weave filter wire cloth, plain Dutch filter wire cloth, and twilled Dutch filter wire cloth.

How is filter wire cloth manufactured?

Filter wire cloth is manufactured through weaving metal wires. High-quality metal wires are weaved into particular patterns to obtain filter wire cloth.

Does filter wire cloth corrode?

No, the filter wire cloth available at Deze is corrosion-resistant. It is because we use premium grades of stainless steel for its production. 

Which parameters should you consider while buying filter wire cloth?

Filter wire cloth varies in size, material, and pattern. Make sure the filter wire clothing you are buying is made up of durable material. Furthermore, choose the size and weaving pattern according to your requirements.

Is filter wire cloth durable?

Yes! Filter wire cloth has a long service life. Stainless steel has high molecular strength. It is why filter wire cloth made of stainless steel is durable compared to other metals.

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