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Panel filter

Panel filter

Panel filter is an industrial filtration product made from stainless steel. Panel filter is a sturdy, robust, and versatile air filtration product, and you can employ it for various purposes. 

It is easy to install and serves for extended durations. Because of its exceptional features, industrialists prefer it over other filtration gadgets.

Panel filter is serviceable for many filtration operations. You can use it for particles having sizes 1 micron to 50 microns. Panel filter seamlessly obstructs the path of contaminant particles and leaves you with purified gases.

Panel filter is used for diverse applications. It is why Deze offers different options for the size and configuration of panel filters.

Manufacturing and Working of Panel filter

At Deze, we use a premium steel frame for the manufacture of panel filters. This steel frame is heavy-gauge and galvanized before proceeding with the manufacturing process. 

The highly functional filtration media is attached to the frame with the help of adhesives. Once bonded, the panel filter is ready to use. 

The filters used in panel filters are of two types – primary filters and secondary filters. The primary filter prevents the passage of particles having a size of 10 microns to 50 microns. The primary filter supports the secondary filter (which can filter particle size of 1 to 10 microns) by decreasing the workload. 

The secondary filter has to filter fewer pollutants than the primary filter. Consequently, the service life of the secondary filter is enhanced. Besides, the primary filter is maintenance-friendly. You can clean them to increase their service quality.

What Do We Have to Offer?

The production of panel filters demands intricate skills, and the dedicated Deze team combined with top-notch resources fulfills the prerequisites of the production process. We promise the secure delivery of panel filters to our clients.

At Deze, panel filters are available with the following specifications.

Configuration of Panel filter

Deze manufactures panel filters in two different types – flange type and box type. Our customers can decide any of these two based on their requirements.

Dimensions of Panel filter

Panel filters of distinct dimensions are available at Deze. You can opt for your required size. If you can’t find the size you are looking for, we will be more than happy to customize it for you.


Deze offers OEM services to its customers. You can show us specific drawings or discuss your requirements with our experts to get your panel filters personalized. 

We can alter the size, configuration, filtration rating, frame material, and filter media based on your needs.Please contact us.

Secure Packaging

Deze ensures the secure delivery of your package. We warp your order in several protective layers to prevent it from stress or damage.

Start custom your panel filter.

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Send Your Requirements

Advantages of Panel filter

The extensive use of panel filters is because of its qualities and the advantages it has to offer. Stainless steel panel filters have the following features.

  • The pressure drop across the filter is low. It is because of its pleated design. The pleated design of the panel filtermakes it suitable for industrial use.
  • Panel filter is easy to install. The installation process is effortless. Besides, the maintenance required for panel filters is also sustainable. The cleaning process is uncomplicated, and the extended replacement durations.
  • Panel filters are washable and reusable. They are a cost-effective product, and the money that you spend on them is worth it. 
  • Panel filters are sturdy. They have good mechanical strength because they contain stainless steel. Stainless steel has stronger intermolecular bonding, which makes it robust compared to other metals. 
  • The dirt-holding capacity of panel filters is very high. They allow seamless flow of fluids through their filtration frames and obstruct the path of contaminant particles.
  • Panel filters are customizable. We can manufacture them according to the requirements of your applications. It is why they are widely employed in industries.

Applications of Panel filter

Panel filters are serviceable,

  • For the filtration of coarse dust, sand, flour, etc
  • For ventilation, heating, and air-conditioning
  • In the gold industry for dust removal
  • In automotive industry
  • In warehouse industry
  • For aluminum manufacturing
  • In the pharmaceutical and chemical industry
  • For food processing
  • In nuclear plants
  • In electronics industry
  • For manufacturing synthetic fiber
Pleated Panel Filter

Pleated Panel Filter

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a panel filter?

It is a stainless steel air filter that removes dust and other contaminant particles from the air. It can obstruct the path of particles of size 1 micron to 50 microns, and it is helpful for various industries.

How does the panel filter work?

Panel filters remove dust, mites, pollen, and many other forms of pollutants from the air. It passes the air from two filters, primary and secondary filters. These two filters make sure you get clean air as a product of filtration. 

What are the parts of the panel filter?

There are two main parts of panel filters – frame and filter media. Filter media performs the sieving of air, and the frame gives proper structure to panel filters. These parts are joined together with the help of bonding adhesives.

What are the advantages of panel filters?

Panel filter is a cost-effective product. It offers many advantages, such as ease of use and maintenance, high filtration capacity, high dust holding capacity, robust structure, and durable design.

What are the types of panel filters?

There are two types of panel filters – flat panel filter and pleated panel filter. The former type is the most common type of panel filter, and the latter type is the advanced form of panel filter currently used by numerous manufacturers. 

Is panel filter reusable?

Yes, panel filters are reusable. You can clean them and install them effortlessly. Proper maintenance of panel filters can increase their service life years. 

What parameters should you consider while buying a panel filter?

You should consider the quality, the nature of pollutant particles, your filtration requirement, filtration rating, your budget, and ease of installation. 

What is the size of the panel filter?

Deze has a wide range of sizes for panel filters. However, if none of them is up to your requirements, we can customize a panel filter according to your desires. 

Start custom your panel filter.

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Send Your Requirements