DEZE provides stainless steel mesh filter baskets for filtering and screening of some equipment. Due to it used frequently, it is easy to be damaged. It is very necessary to replace the filter screen in time. This behavior can ensure the normal operation of the equipment and excellent product quality. Deze as the manufacturer and supplier of this product, we can not only provide existing models but also provide customized mesh filter services.

basket type filter

Basket Type Filter

stainless steel mesh basket straine

Stainless Steel Mesh Basket Strainer

stainless steel filter basket

Stainless Steel Filter Basket

water strainer filter basket

Water Strainer Filter Basket

Stainless Steel Mesh Filter Basket Specifications:

MaterialStainless Steel 304, Stainless Steel 316, Titanium, Nickel, copper, brass or other alloy.
Number of layers1-5 layers based on your design requirement.
HandleOne, two or no handle.
Opening size0.2μm - 300 microns
Mesh typesPerforated Mesh Sheet, Expanded Mesh, Woven Mesh


Petrochemicals, Medicine, Sewage treatment, Energy, Agricultural irrigation, Plastics, Equipment manufacturing, etc.

Stainless Steel Mesh Filter Baskets Use Cases