Stainless steel Pleated filter

Samples of Stainless steel Pleated filter

Stainless steel Pleated filter the biggest feature is that the filtering part has folds, which can not only increase the filtering area, but also have outstanding advantages in the filtration product pass rate and use time.

Stainless steel mesh pleated and weld which with resistant strong acid and alkali. It can be usingfor corrosive liquids liquid or gas.

DEZE can customize this series of products according to your design. Every step from material selection to process is strictly implemented in accordance with production standards. A perfect product cannot do without strict control at every step.

Stainless steel Pleated filter cannot using alone. This series of products will using as an important part of the filtration system. During use, regular maintenance is required, such as cleaning and checking for damage. As a wearing part, it needs to be replaced regularly.

As a manufacturer and supplier of Stainless steel Pleated filter, DEZE can meet your customized requirements for replacement Stainless steel Pleated filter. Our products can replace the Pleated filter product series of mainstream brand manufacturers. On the premise that product performance is guaranteed, it is the best choice to save costs.

Mian filter media of pleated filter elements are stainless steel sintered fiber web and stainless steel weaving wire mesh
Stainless steel sintered fiber web is a kind of multipore deep filter media, sintered with stainless steel fiber at the high temperature. the filter elements enjoy the advantage of high porosity large filter area and good dirt holding capacity and can also be used repeatly after chemical cleaning ,etc.

Stainless steel weaving wire cloth material is stainless steel metal wire. These filter elements have such characteristics of good strength, fastness, easy cleaning, high temperature resistance, low cost, etc.

Due to the absolute filtering properties of the felt, and the variety of material choices. A typical application of sintered metal felt is gas and steam filtration.

Stainless steel Pleated filter

Multilayer structure of Stainless steel Pleated filter

Features and Benefits of Stainless Pleated filter:

1) Uniform structure, narrow pore size distribution and high separation efficiency.
2) High porosity, low filtration resistance and high permeation efficiency.
3) High temperature, generally about 280 degrees in normal use.
4) Chemical stability, acid corrosion, with antioxidant properties.
5) No particles off, do not make the liquid form a secondary pollution, in line with food hygiene and pharmaceutical GHP
6) Mechanical properties, and can be filter press filter, simple operation.
7) Low pressure, small footprint, large flow.
8) Strong anti-microbial capacity, does not work with micro-organisms.
9) Forming process is good, the whole no welding length of up to 1000 mm.
10) Can be online regeneration, easy to clean, long life (usually several times the membrane filter).


1) Water Treatment: Process Water, RO Pre-filtration, Condensate Water, Potable Water System, Wastewater Treatment, Sea Water Desalination, Ballast Water Treatment.

2) Industrial: LEDS, Wastewater, Pulp & Paper, Tank Venting, Fine Chemicals, Surface Finishing.

3) Power Plant: CVCS, RWCU, Spent Fuel Pool, Suppression Pool, Condensate Polishing, Steam Generator Blow Down, Stator Cooling Water Treatment, Liquid Radioactive Water Treatment.

4) Petrochemical: Lube Oil Filtration, Amine Sweetening, Chemicals Filtration, Desiccant Dehydration, Completion Fluid Filtration, Oil & Natural Gas Filtration, Injection Well Water Filtration.

5) Food & Beverage: Lube Oil Filtration, Amine Sweetening, Chemicals Filtration, Desiccant Dehydration, Completion Fluid Filtration, Oil & Natural Gas Filtration, Injection Well Water Filtration.

6) Oil & Chemicals: Painting, Inkjet Printers, Sovlent Filtration, Chemical Filtration, Oil & Gas Filtration, Inkjet Inks Filtration, Automotive Painting & Paint.

7) Microelectronics: LCD Cleaning, CMP Filtration, Flat Panel Film, Semiconductor Wastewater, Electronic Chemical Filtration, Typical Ultrapure Water System, Wafer Grinding/Cutting Wastewater.

8) Pharmaceuticals: Opthalmic Filtration, Pharmaceutical Water, Blood Plasma Product, Formulation LVP/SVP Filtration, Sterile Filtration & Bioburden Control, API’s, Intermediates, Fermentation Broths, Precious Metal Catalyst Removal/Recovery.